August Answers : 1  Kate Winslett    2 Boothroyd    3 Habitat    4 Hairdresser    5 Yorkshire ripper  6 Brightman    7 Rod Stewart   8 Lewinsky    9 Margaret Thatcher   10 Westwood

This time the questions are all related to alcoholic drinks – have fun!

1 Where was the first evidence of wine production discovered?

2 In Greek mythology , who is the God of wine?

3 With which country do people often associate cognac?

4 Which type of cactus is distilled to create tequilla?

5 What is the official alcohol of the United States?

6 According to the Christian Bible, Jesus Christ turned water into wine in which occasion?

7 Which country was the first to set 21 as the legal age for drinking?

8 What are Amarillo, Cascade, Fuggle and Goldings all varieties of?

9  Which drink was named after a popular hoax in the 19th century?

10 Gin was originally used for which purposes?