February Answers:  1 Outing   2 Shout    3 Scouts   4 Outhouse  5 Outlaw  6 Flout  7  Grout  8 Route  9 Routemaster  10 Trout

For March – How is your geographical landmark knowledge?

1  In which country would you find Botany Bay, King’s Cross and Darling Harbour?

2  In which Irish city would you find St Patricks cathedral?

3  What arched monument celebrating Napolean’s victories stands in the centre of Paris?

4  Near which English city would you find Spaghetti Junction?

5  What motorway links West London and Southampton?

6   In which US State are Key Largo and Key West?

7  What is the highest mountain in Africa?

8  In which country would you find the Vasco Da Gama Bridge?

9  In which Russian city would you find the Peter and Paul fortress?

10  The faces of  four US Presidents are carved into what rock?