September Answers: 1 China  2 Bacchus  3 France  4 Agave Cactus 5 Bourbon  6 A wedding  7 England  8 Hops  9 Tom Collins 10 Medicines

This month the subject is TV Cops and Robbers, best of luck!

1 Which early police serial is found at the end of the alphabet?

2 Which sleuth Jonathan was created by David Renwick?

3 Which Yorkshire police series did Nick Berry leave in 1997?

4 In which English county does Wycliffe take place?

5 Which police station blues were led by Captain Frank Furillo?

6 Which “Jimmy” starred in Evita and played Geordie Spender?

7 What is the first name of commander Dalgliesh created by PD James?

8 What is chief inspector Morse’s first name?

9 In which series might DC Ben Jones be called on to help solve a murder?

10 Where did Sonny Crockett aka Don Johnson sort out vice?