June Answers :  1 France   2 North   3 White   4 Japan   5 Zambezi  6 Austria   7 USA   8 Bulgaria  9Brazilia   10 Spain and Portugal


For July the questions are all related to hobbies. Best of luck! Answers next month.


1  The name of Stanley Gibbons would be of special interest to which kind of hobbyist?

2 What term describes a person who is especially enthusiastic about hi-fi  and the true reproduction of recorded sound?

3 What is the colloquial name for a bird-watcher?

4  The name of Lesney would be of particular interest to the collector of what?

5  A dibber would be used in what kind of pastime?

6  Who would the metal detector enthusiast be obliged to inform if he or she discovered a box of gold coins?

7  In model railway sets, what is the smallest available scale?

8  Which hobby might involve”tempera” and “gouache” techniques?

9  Coalport would be of particular interest to a collector of which kind of article?

10  The name Steiff would be especially familiar to the collector of which kind of toy?