July Answers : 1Philately   2 Audiophile    3 Twitcher   4 Matchbox toys    5 Gardening   6 The Coroner   7  Z gauge (1/220 scale)  8 Painting   9 Porcelain  10 Teddy bear

This month the quiz is all about Rich and Famous Names  Best of luck! Answers next month.


1 Which movie actress’s second marriage was to Sam Mendes?

2 Which Betty became The House of Commons first woman speaker?

3 Which trendy homeware store did Terence Conron found in the 60’s ?

4 Nicky Clarke is a famous “What” to the stars?

5 How was murderer Peter Sutcliffe better known?

6 Which singer “Sarah” was once Mrs Andrew LLoyd Webber?

7 Which rock star became “Dad” to Alistair at the age of 60 in 2005?

8 Which “Monica” was intimately associated with Bill Clinton?

9 Which Prime Minister had twins called Mark and Carol?

10 Which designer “Vivienne” is famous for her outrageous clothes?