October Answers:  1 Z Cars   2 Jonathan Creek  3 Heartbeat  4 Cornwall  5Hill Street Blues   6 Nail  7 Adam   8 Endeavour  9 Midsommer Murders  10 Miami

Here is a November pot luck mixture, best of luck!

1 Who played Father Dougal in the sitcom Father Ted?

2 In Saudi Arabia, what would a man do with a thwab?

3  Which German won the 1950 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his statement of the third law of thermodynamics?

4  Blanche is the actual name of the white cat in which David Hockney painting?

5 Launched in 1988, Buran was the first and only Soviet what?

6 The lightest halogen, which pale yellow gas is the most reactive chemical element?

7 Which Loose Women panellist is the mother of the 1975 lead singer Matt Healy?

8 In the Beatles song who”Picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been”?

9 Sable is the heraldic term for which colour?

10 Which comedy legend wrote the 1963 comic novel Puckoon?