11th January         Prize Bingo

18th January        Dance to Mike Harris

28th January       Whist

8th February        Prize Bingo

15th February      Valentines Dance to Acropolis

25th February     Whist

14th March           Prize Bingo

21st March            Dance to Nick Bosworth

31st March           Whist

11th April              Prize Bingo

18th April             Dance to Just One More

28th April            Whist

9th May                Prize Bingo

16th May              Dance to Countdowns

26th May             Whist

13th June             Prize Bingo

20th June            Dance

11th July               Prize Bingo

19th July               Bat and Trap afternoon  Bar B Q

28th July              Whist

12th September    Prize Bingo

19th September    Dance to After Hourz

29th September    Whist

10th October          Prize Bingo

17th October           Dance Dreamboats and Petticoats

27th October          Whist

14th November      Prize Bingo

21st November       Dance to Carousel

24th November      Whist

12th December       Christmas Bingo

19th December       Mike Harris (Christmas party)

22nd December     Christmas Whist?

31st December       Acropolis New Year Eve’s Dance

All ticketed events can be purchased via Marion 01227 760772 or committee www.arcahall.co.uk