Specially for those of you who may have missed these at the New Year’s Eve dance.

1 What word is used in Scotland for the last day of the year and it’s celebration?

2 On New Year’s Day 1993 which former European country effectively split into two?

3 What name was given to the predicted computer meltdown at the beginning of the year in 2000?

4 The “ball drop” is a famous part of the New Year’s Eve celebration in which part of New York City?

5 Who wrote the traditional New Year’s song Auld Lang Syne?

6 In 2022 Chinese New Year will be the year of which animal?

7 Is Samoa in the South Pacific the first or last country to see in the New Year?

8 In Scotland “first footing” is a tradition which involves visiting homes with a gift of whisky and which other item?

9 On January 1st 1899 Spanish rule ended in which Caribbean country?

10 The original singer of “Annie’s Song” was born on New Year’s Eve 1943 in New Mexico. who was he?