March Answers: 1 Australia    2 Dublin   3 Arc de Triumph   4 Birmingham     5 M3    6  Florida   7 Kilimanjaro    8 Portugal   9 St Petersburg    10 Mount Rushmore

For the month of March the theme is Nicknames

1 By what name was King Louis XIV of France often known?

2 Which singer was nicknamed Old Blue Eyes?

3 Which country is referred to as The Land of the Long White Cloud?

4 Who was “……………the Pelvis”?

5 Which Paris landmark earned its designer the nickname Wizard of Iron?

6  What was the less than charitable nickname given to Martha Jane Canary?

7  Who was known as the Desert Fox?

8 What was the famous nickname of the soprano, Jenny Lind?

9 How is model Lesley Hornby better known?

10 Who was known as the Waltz King?