File 12-03-2016, 19 54 09File 26-04-2016, 13 53 11April2024/March 2025 Report

The Thanington Without Women’s Institute continues to meet regularly on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.15 p.m. in the ARCA Hall.

We currently have 20 members. We have enjoyed a full year of activities and events during 2022 after the ups and downs of the pandemic period.

As our annual meeting will now be in March not November as in previous years, the activities and events cover January 2022 to March 2023.

The program has been varied ranging from what it takes to be an opera singer, Deliver like a Diva to Butterflies of Kent interspersed with talks on My life as a Film Star, Why I collect old Newspapers, the Mercy Ships and in November in place of the annual meeting a talk on Glass Engraving and we wound up the year in December with Festive Food and Fun.

Members enjoyed an Afternoon Tea with family and friends in February and a July Birthday Lunch in Deal. Then in September an outing to Cambridge which included a magnificent Afternoon Tea.

2023 dawned and we learnt about the Art of Belly Dancing in January and look forward to Tales from a Tangled Bank in February.

We also anticipate the new WI year April 2023 to March 2024 when we will continue to share friendship and fun and discover more about people and places.

We thank the ARCA committee for all their hard work in maintaining this Community Hall for everyone to use and enjoy.

Caroline Mettam (Secretary)

2024/2025 Events

14th February – Tales from a tangled Bank by Clive Nutman

14th March – Annual Meeting

9th April – Carrie Wood – SNAAP

14th May – Resolutions Meeting – Jewellery with Peter Warr

11th June – Dave Chisholm – Cartoons & being a Cartoonist.

9th July – Birthday Meal

13th August – Caroline Halfpenny – Plants for Health & Well Being.

10th September – Helen Kendall Tobias – Lipstick: The History in your Handbag

8th October – Music, Memories and Munchies.

12th November – Dean Caston – Mirth and Monologues

10th December – Festive Fun and Fare

9th January – Hi Kent, charity for deaf and hard of hearing people.

11th February – Martin Newcombe – Natural History of Kent.

11th March – Annual Meeting

Saturday 22nd June – WI Quiz